Coke Dares - Fake Lake

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LP is Coke Clear with Opaque Blue Swirl

"The Coke Dares are the core trio of Jason Groth, Pete Schreiner, and Mark Rice. Their new LP, Fake Lake, is the band's 35-song, 44-minute magnum opus. Equal parts Sparks and Minutemen, Fake Lake is densely packed with smart near-prog arrangements and quirky new wave humor performed at breakneck hardcore punk speed."

1. The Coke Dares Theme One
2. You Say a Lot
3. Editor
4. Miss Missed Opportunity
5. We Went to a Restaurant
6. Droppin' Out
7. He Was Bigger Than Me
8. Jammin with J-Mo
9. (I Like) Stuff
10. Please Say Fuck
11. Honey Pie
13. Came to Shit
14. Nobody Knows What You Are, Pillbottle
15. No More Cutting Floor
16. Drivin' on Sunday
17. Fake Lake
18. The Coke Dares Theme Six
19. (No Use Denyin') I Like to Drive
20. Don't Pretend You're Alone
21. I'm Just Lookin' for My Manager
22. Water Purse
23. Please Just Stop Not Shutting Up
24. Tired and Wired
25. Why Do I Feel This Way About Henrik?
26. Call Me High School
27. Bed of Ashes
28. Pontiac Blues
29. Don't Deny
30. I'm Making Music at the Library
31. Phantasy Book
32. Smaller Dogs
33. Monotone
34. You Woulda Thought They'd A'Thought of That By Now
35. The Coke Dares Theme Three