Mike Adams at his Honest Weight

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the new 2020 EP is currently SOLD OUT - tell Mike to make more =)

About the 2020 EP:
"Jess and I had a lot of fun arranging and rearranging these songs to fit our piano/guitar duo for a Midwest winter tour we did in February, 2020. It was a short trip - just six dates - but we'd put a lot of work in and were proud of the results. So, we felt like documenting the set we had gathered together. Here's a live recording, in our studio at home, of the set we were doing on the trip. No overdubs, same set list, warts and all. It was fun reimagining some of these songs that I've heard a thousand times before into something I'd never heard or played before. I hope you feel the same way about listening to them!

I'm really glad to have this cheap space in my home, surrounded by dusty, beat up, second-hand equipment and a family who's into playing some music with me once in a while. Making music is a huge, important part of my life; socially, spiritually, and especially in regards to my literal sanity. But, having my day job allows me to pursue this stuff as a personal health benefit, and also for Maximum Fun. It's also allowed me to hole up with my family during this CoronaVirus outbreak with relative ease, for the time being. A lot of my close personal friends, some of whom are members of this Band, aren't so lucky or secure right now. So, I'm giving this recording away for free, with the option to pay for it if you can. Every single dime that comes in from sales of this recording will go directly to people in my community who've lost work and wages during this weird and wild time. Thanks for listening regardless, I hope you like this thing, but thanks a lot for tangibly helping out my pals if you can afford to, too." - Mike
Jessica Adams - electric piano
Mike Adams - electric guitar, singing