Zero Boys - Hollywood EP

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Limited to 300 orange w/ black splatter 10"s.

Ship Date: around February 26, 2021

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Zero Boys 'Hollywood' for the first time ever on vinyl, originally self released in 2014 on a small run of CD's. Limited to 300 10"s on orange vinyl with black splatter and black dust sleeves. Beautiful reworked full color art / layout by Zach Hobbs and in depth story about Terry Hollywood on the insert written by Eric Weddle. These will not be repressed so don't hit the snooze.

Hollywood is an album Terry wrote for himself over the years between 1987 into the mid-1990s. Terry is responsible for most of the Zero Boys’ Livin’ in the 80s EP (1980) and clearly highlights his juvenile and goofy humor. Terry was out of the band by 1985, but his energy loomed, making it known that access to his ideas was impossible to reach. The band reformed in 1999 for Y2K and that was the last time Terry played with the Zero Boys. Drummer Mark Cutsinger and singer Paul Mahern learned Terry’s Hollywood riffs to honor how Terry did it: rock and roll all the time.

1. BITCHIN 03:21
2. Garbage Patrol 02:58
3. It's a Long Way Home 02:55
4. Queen of Slam 02:53
5. Rock and Roll Will Take it's Toll 03:29