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Posehn - Grandpa Metal

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Limited ORANGE/BLACK LP while they last!

Ship Date: around February 14, 2020

Brian Posehn will be releasing a new album called "Grandpa Metal" on 2/14/20. It is his first record of all comedy metal. It features Brendon Small, Scott Ian, Al Yankovic, Jill Janus, Corey Taylor and a bunch of others.

Full track list:

1 Intro to Satan
2 Satan’s Kind of a Dick
3 Scary Nightmare
4 One Quarter Viking, Three Quarter’s Pussy
5 Big Fat Rock
6 My Phone Call with Weird Al
7 Take on Me
8 Grandpa Metal
9 New Music Sucks
10 New Music Sucks Reprise
11 Goblin Love
12 Monster Mosh
13 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)
14 Super Secret Track